While filing some papers away this morning, I came across a poem that I wrote about Karen Godfrey‘s painting, Golden Hair. I wrote it in a summer poetry class I took with the Franciscan Nuns through the Lowell Area Arts Council after my senior year of high school. The LAAC decided to publish it alongside a picture of Godfrey’s painting in their newsletter, so it was technically the first piece of writing I ever had published. I was very into Celtic Paganism in high school. Even though it’s been twelve years now, I can still relate to the yearning of that eighteen-year-old girl, and I am still a lover of ekphrastic writing.


G O I N G   B A C K   T O   T H E   E A R T H

O great Mother,
Plunge me into your soil.
As I sink deeper into your embrace,
Set me free—

"Turtle Girl," my goddess of sorts. . .

“Turtle Girl,” my goddess of sorts. . .

Beautiful D’anu,
Lift my spirit higher.
Give these bronze strands wings,
Surround me with your presence—
Let me lie here in reverance,
Soaking up the wet of the Earth,
Breathing in life from your oxygen,
Grasping strength from your roots.
Let me know your existence—

O wise Mother, D’anu,
Speak to me of freedom,
Of the gospel in your ancient trees.
Speak to me of the truculence your people knew.

O Pagan spirit,
O Celtic spirit,

Sing of a time long ago
On the flowing islet Eire.
Let me grieve with you,
Drown me in your ocean of leaves
So I can emerge anew—
Cleansed, revivified
Fresh with a belief in you—

Goddess of the Earth
Mother of the gods

Let me feel at peace.
Let me believe
If only for this transient moment—
Life continues to dance,
As my body sinks into the Earth,
And my soul rises up in the Air.
Shed no tears, Mother.
Let me be at one with you.
Let me know that feeling—that calm.

Just once—
I would like to know how the Christians feel.
Just once—
Before I shut my eyes.

June 28, 2003