Are you going to embrace the new moon energy?

I turned 33 this month, and I already felt the growth shift the weekend of October 7th and 8th (the latter being the day of my birth), but I really want to harness the power of the transitions I’m feeling, so I am going to follow the waves where they take me. I am going to dance and embody my soul on the Open Floor with Kamla Sufi this morning and deep dive into the New Moon in Libra tonight with Vehllia Tranne, but in the mean time, these affirmations from Chani Nicholas are truly inspiring to me as a Libra Sun and Sagittarius Rising.

I also followed Debra Silverman’s Applied Astrology advice and wrote a love letter to myself for the New Moon in Libra.


A surprise birthday gift from my mother with a tag inspired by one of Selena Gomez’s tattoos.

My mandala from astrologer and spiritual guide, Cecilia, for the Uranis semisquare Neptune transit is this Hamsa.

She suggests:

During this double Libra sky. . .write a love letter from you to you. Imagine you are writing this to yourself from your soul to your ego. From your spiritual self to your human. This letter is universal. It will guarantee that you stay true to your own heart. There is nothing more important than the relationship you have with yourself.


I copied both affirmations and wrote the letter in my ETERNAL CITY journal for this year, and I’m also sharing my love letter with all of you because I felt like it.

Dearest Kelsay—

You really bring lightness to life and shine so brightly. Don’t let others’ fears and traumas take that from you. Don’t dim yourself for other people to shine. Let that go. Let yourself be all that you are. Cherish your openness and the fullness of your eager heart, for it is truly unique in this world. Relish the pure strangeness and wonders in your life, for they are many, and that is where your wildness lives. It is wonderful to be inspired by the women in your life, but really pay attention to the ones who also let you inspire them. They are the ones who deserve your incredible loyalty and your devoted heart. One more thing: let others really see you. Let them hear your clear voice. Let them get swept up in your passions again. Be weird. Be wonderful. Be a force that no one can fucking reckon with, and still be nice because you can actually do that, Libra. You are already wild because you let yourself be free. You are an existentialist. Go forth in love and strength.

And then I signed off with a peace sign with the words STAND BY YOURSELF beneath it as an homage to my first tattoo: a Kelsay peace sign with I’LL STAND BY YOU underneath.