My name is Kelsay Elizabeth Myers, but I was born in Busan, South Korea as Jin Jung Mee and flown to the Detroit, Michigan airport when I was three months old. As my transformative studies colleague, Jessica Spring said, “as an adoptee, I was doing identity work before I even knew about identity” (personal communication, January 19, 2017). Because I grew up without any genetic mirrors, I spent a lot of time as a girl staring into actual mirrors, or books, or a television screen, looking for something in the reflection, in other people’s words and images that I had no idea how to name. I am many things: an identity theorist, a lesbian, a writer, a found object and mixed media installation artist, an emerging curator, an occasional adjunct composition teacher and artist facilitator, a conscious dancer or movement based inquirer. . .and the more I learn, the more I keep falling in love.

Antiquarian filtered portraitOne of my new favorite quotes is from Alfonso Montuori (2008), the founder of the transformative studies doctoral program I am currently studying in:

Inquiry can be like a love affair, and the inquirer like a lover. . .We want to know the objects of our affection, know their deepest feelings and desires, learn about what makes them happy, where they came from, how they appeared in our lives. . .

And love, as the research of social psychologists Elaine and Art Aron (1986) have shown, leads to an expansion of the self: people in love tend to write more, and more about themselves, than people who are not in love. We become more as we fall in love; we draw on more of our potential, more of who we can be. We are motivated, indeed driven, to pursue the object of our affection, and in the process, draw on more and more of ourselves.


I use everything I can to look at myself, humanity, and the world to try to create something beautiful from the composition and, sometimes, from the wreckage. My interests are using identity construction and creative expression for personal growth and change at the social and spiritual levels. I live with my Persian cat, Kierkegaard “Kiki” Mao, and own several bowler hats. Much of my time is spent eating, drinking coffee, conscious dancing and socializing around the San Francisco Bay Area in the hopes of creating a love that is beautiful, meaningful and lasting.