I begin with the heart, the most uncertain.
Here is my heart, each beed bleeds: life, entanglement, breath.

I bypass ecstasy to begin with a question
from which nothing originates but breath.


My name is Kelsay Elizabeth Myers, and I’m a Korean adoptee. I make sense of the world through words and objects. I write. I make art. I eat. I read. I sometimes wear a bowler hat. I research adoption psychology, dialogical self theory, fairy tales, movies, and love. I began with the heart after all.

I take inspiration from Kimberly Leighton in “Being Adopted and Being a Philosopher: Exploring Identity and the ‘Desire to Know’ Differently”:

The truth is, I have always wanted to know. My identity as adopted has always involved a ‘desire to know…’ such that my being adopted, my experience of myself as an adopted person, has been defined by and in relation to this desire. (2005, p. 149)

Like in my art installation and lyrical essay, “The Red Frame,” what interests me are the questions we ask that shape who we are as selves and human beings. I have many questions: What is my frame? What is my story? What is my life concept?

And so, I continue to write, make art, read, play on my iPhone, and ask questions in the hopes that these will lead me to new questions, and new frames.



Leighton, K. (2005). Being adopted and being a philosopher: Exploring identity and the “desire to know” differently. In S. Haslanger & C. Witt (Eds.), Adoption matters: Philosophical and feminist essays (pp. 146-170). Ithaca, NY: Cornell University Press.