Kelsay Myers is an experimental essayist, poet, theorist, art collector, emerging curator and found object/mixed media artist. She is drawn to “shiny, pretty things” : material objects, states of being, people and symbols that represent ideas and concepts which compose larger themes and structures. She believes art is conceptual; its purpose is to transform and connect the individual and the social world.

Her literary works and found object installations are attempts at understanding the self on the brink of surrender. Oftentimes, her art works use wooden frames, broken glass or mirrors, flower petals and the written word. She used to think art was about the beautiful, or perhaps, the pursuit of it. Later, she began to think of art as a struggle. She now recognizes art is ultimately what French actress Fanny Ardant once said about literature:

“Whenever I read a beautiful passage in a book, I would run to my sister and read it to her. It is the feeling that you have to share the beautiful with someone else.”

Art is about the acts of seeing and being seen — the feeling that you have to share the beautiful, or the grotesque, or the really frightening, or the true self with someone else.